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At the blog Pictures. Places. Things., you will find Lauren A. Benjamin’s thoughts on various topics of substance. In general, Benjamin seems to be concerned with the literary coalescence of aesthetics and the mystical.  This is a necessary concern, a theme of depth. Here’s an example:

Inzikhism, Imagism, and Visionary Modernism


I wasn’t, until now, familiar with the Yiddish poetic movement Inzikhism or “Introspectivism.” Fascinating stuff.

A poem is a multi-faceted representation of any given moment. Like Marcel Duchamp’s 1912 “Nu descendant un escalier n° 2” the poet’s present is split into multiple memories, dreams, and visions to create a dynamic, multi-veiled version of time.
Lauren Benjamin

When I read such a thing, I like to listen to some peculiar music:



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One thought on “necessary work

  1. I’ve been thinking on this post since it appeared. Firstly, I’d like to extend a note of appreciation to you and Ms. Benjamin for bringing attention to this subject. Secondly, the quote from her blog is quite brilliant: her useage of the image of Duchamp’s painting to describe the Inzikh (meaning “in oneself”) movement/publication.

    Being curious, I decided to look up an example of an Inzikh poem. Below is a translation from the Yiddish of a poem by A. Leyeles, a member of the “Inzikhs”.


    Snowy whiteness all around.
    White calm.
    But what January snow can compare
    With the whiteness and calm
    That unfold
    And spread out, so softly,
    On a July afternoon–
    Within me.

    From: American Yiddish Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology, edited by Benjamin Harshav


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