a poem by Jacqueline Anne Corcoran

I like poems that create an aura of recall and expectation, not poems that are heavy with narrative and knowing. I prefer poems that are tremulous, not poems that are blatherous. (Saint Emily, please forgive me my own sins.) I’m attracted to poems that open out onto the unknown, rather than contract into the conventional. The discovery of a poem during the trance of a poem is when something strange might happen — art.

Image is sufficient to ground a fact of being, even clothe an augury of the possible. Figures of speech draw from language’s higher, eccentric powers. I’m glad Corcoran trusts the image, writes with a subtlety of suggestion. Her poems don’t give me headaches.

I recommend Jacqueline Anne Corcoran’s “Statement of Poetics” at her webpage Absurd Echoes.


This Leaning Sunflower

I need there to be
more than this crown of thorns
leaning into this wall of black.

I need there to be
a theatre of ghosts
behind a curtain

I need there to be
a hand I remember
and a pot of nettle tea

I need there to be
missing teeth and sewage
puppets and spinning tops.

I need there to be
a leaning sunflower.


Copyright © Jacqueline Anne Corcoran, 2012

this poem at Poem Hunter


from the book A View With Room





Posted by Tim Buck



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