From Cumbria, Aegean Blue

Who, or what is a poet?

Could a poet be a pair of eyes connected to the body of a lover and the mind of a scribe?

Might a poet be an artist who uses words to depict the intangible, giddy glow of entheos?

Through the vehicle of the two poems below, Geraldine Green, although she is most often a resident of a more Northern climate, allows the reader, wherever she or he might be sitting at the moment, to be translated directly to the balmy Mediterranean, and perhaps to regions even further beyond.


Nisi Medendra

Always a whisper
nisi medendra,
my love is a whisper
nisi medendra,
my sea calls me
in the trees,
the sea is caught
in the pulp of the agave.
My nisi medendra
always out of reach.
Ela nisi.
Ela melani
Ela Melisande

Sand whispers between my toes
as I walk to the sea,
nisi medendra,
light falls quickly,
the sound between night and day
an incessant dropping of bells
before dogs
before gulls
before songs
the sea is an all-night party
below the orange path
that leads to nisi,
nisi medendra.

Day drops incense bright
from the mouths of swallows,
pulling light across the island,
opening green shutters.


Zakinthos, Greece


The Blue Rope of Mandraki

The blue rope of Mandraki swings between two pine trees
that are the trees of Pan and Artemis
and sing koukanaries.
The blue rope that hangs low and makes the air explode.
The blue rope that cicadas cling to singing kill me kill me!
The blue rope that is the arm of God.
The blue rope that a man hurled from the sky before he lay buried
and burned and fatigued in the sand.
The blue rope of Mandraki causes women to become swans
with the clasp of a pearl necklace in their hands.
The blue rope makes the sea swarm with bees
makes the sky fall into the ocean
butterflies become mandrakes mandrakes become minotaurs
minotaurs become gulls gulls become spots of blood
Persian armies become triremes
become become become the blue rope that swings
become the blue smoke of the island
become the two pines that form
this arch into mad beauty
that is Mandraki

Geraldine Green

Geraldine Green




Dr. Geraldine Green is from Cumbria, England.

Her poetry has appeared in a number of journals, collections and anthologies, most recently published by Indigo Dreams.

GG’s personal blog can be found here.

Posted by Jillian Parker

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