an incantation by Salvatore Ala

I imagine a Mediterranean vagabond, from an uncertain era, standing on a rocky ledge overlooking a watery grotto; farther out, sunlight turns the sea to azure, going to an unknown color. Mist rises like an atmospheric intoxicant, is breathed in by our wanderer, and reaches his brain. He begins to have eccentric thoughts, peculiar visions. He begins to speak in the cadence of an occult soliloquy, in the tones of a lost alchemy treatise. What he is saying becomes a mystic crescendo of life becoming and consciousness wondering.


Sea Dreams

how the sea learned to walk on so many legs where the
seashell began compiling its manual how coral disguised itself
in itself how jellyfish learned erudition how the octopus
engineered fluidity where the flower was born and the tree
where the root went down how branches branch why leaves
need to grow how the eye of God became a fossil of meaning
where time began work on its museum how the dragonfly was
invented how spiders of crystal learned to cooperate in the
mineral kingdom when the seed discovered its shape in the
word love how birds learned to sing through bone why why is
the smallest seashell the faintest star


Copyright © Salvatore Ala, 2012





Posted by Tim Buck



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