letter from a reader

Letter From a Reader

Too much about death,
too many shadows.
Write about an average day,
the yearning for order.

Take the school bell
as your model
of moderation,
even scholarship.

Too much death,
too much
dark radiance.

Take a look,
crowds packed
in cramped stadiums
sing songs of hatred.

Too much music,
too little harmony, peace,

Write about those moments
when friendship’s footbridges
seem more enduring
than despair.

Write about love,
long evenings,
the dawn,
the trees,
about the endless patience
of the light.

Adam Zagajewski, Without End: New and Selected Poems

Just the Beginning, Maki Horonai

Maki Horonai, Just the Beginning


Maki Horonai is an Australia-based artist from Japan, who spent many hours as a child, sitting or playing on the beach.

Posted by Jillian Parker

4 thoughts on “letter from a reader

    • Thank you so much for reading. There is, of course, more than one way of reading this.

      It is possible to read a bit of poetic irony into the piece. 🙂 Or of the poet’s struggle with his own irony.


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