dream to awaken

Sulamith Wulfing - Transfiguration

Sulamith Wulfing

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words,” wrote Robert Frost.

All sounds, all colours, all forms, either because of their pre-ordained energies or because of long association, evoke indefinable and yet precise emotions, or, as I prefer to think, call down among us certain disembodied powers, whose footsteps over our hearts we call emotions; and when sound, and colour, and form are in a musical relation, a beautiful relation to one another, they become as it were one sound, one colour, one form, and evoke an emotion that is made out of their distinct evocations and yet is one emotion. (W.B Yeats)


It would be easy to debate or dispute the quotes of the writers above, but I prefer to let them float into the air and then settle themselves around the table, as welcome guests.

Now, I wish to invite in a different presence, the voice of a living poet, Wrexie Bardaglio. Wrexie is a phenomenon difficult to quantify: a mother, a friend, a member of the human tribe who has not forgotten her connection to the land. In fact, she advocates tirelessly on behalf of the soil where she resides, ensuring that its voice is not forgotten within the circles of the body politic, where decisions are made which influence the fate of the very paths we walk on, and the water we drink. When she retreats from the latest battle to her farmhouse in upstate New York, she jots down some unconventional musings.


“In my mind’s eye,
A veil lifts slightly
In this winter wind,
An understanding of something
Hard to describe appears…”

(this is a quote from one of Wrexie’s recent poems)


Minus Zero

You there?
The arctic night is still,
The great dome of heaven
Erasing boundary, fear.
Not that I suddenly have become
Brave. I think I know
What the road signs say.

My fingertips are so cold,
Icy in the drafts of the old place,
My toes are cold.
I pile another quilt on the bed
And think about it all.
There is a light faint on the
Horizon as I look from
The bedroom window;
Bereft, you are not here.

Releasing the winged,
Earlier than is the normal rhythm
The homing pigeons fly,
Roosting as necessary,
And these other worlds
Arrive. They thrive.

As I watch, unlit,
The landscape sprinkles
In the dark to
White upon the rooftops, and
The stars begin to shine.

What splendor the waiting world.
What new worlds are simply spinning
Here. Maybe they are between the now,
The was, will be.
Among the layered passages in life’s
Book, the ones there in this
Something that stays with me,
I’ll remember

There aren’t necessarily words
To use as markers.
I think the feelings are lovely.
So fine, how the river flows, how
The springtime comes
And I’ll just keep on doing
What I’m doing.

Sulamith Wulfing - Winter

Sulamith Wulfing – Winter

There’s no urgency, just the
Right-ruddered wheel
Of love surrounding me
In this icy certainty, with
Its fire, the wholeness of
The center.
Sleep comes,
Another night I do not wake
Except in dreams.


–Wrexie Bardaglio

Posted by Jillian Parker

Wishing a blessed 2015 to all.

4 thoughts on “dream to awaken

  1. I think the five line quote as prelude to Minus Zero sets a good marker for what’s to come. I like the Robert Frost quote too – Yeats gets a bit esoteric with his preordained energies since not everyone sees color or relate to sound in a similar fashion – there’s a condition called synesthesia which may upon ring a bell in someone’s mind upon the introduction of a colour, whereas I will probably just see the colour, yellow, orange, red or whatever… I did wonder if there had been a typo error in the line “There aren’t necessarily words” – in my mind it reads better as – “These aren’t necessarily words to use as markers.”


    • Actually, Lekh, I should have put a period — full stop — after “The was, will be” instead of the semi-colon. I also see how your comment makes sense, and doesn’t really change what I was trying to express, and I shall cogitate on that. Thank you. I’m changing the punctuation on my blog site now.

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