Return to My Childhood Home

Return to My Childhood Home

Amid a dark silence of pines—the shouts of
young birches calling each other.
Everything is as it was. Nothing is as it was.
Speak to me, Lord of the child. Speak,
innocent terror!
To understand nothing. Each time in a different
way, from the first cry to the last breath.
Yet happy moments come to me from the past,
like bridesmaids carrying oil lamps.

~ Julia Hartwig

From the collection, In Praise of the Unfinished: Selected Poems.

Forest in Gronity (Marek Swiatecki)

Forest in Gronity (Marek Swiatecki)



This poem is a great poem. Somehow, all the visceral aspects of being, from early to late life, are subsumed into a sort of universal dream of being. In other words, life lived takes on the aura of existence deeper than waking. Astonishing. It makes almost all the other poetry being written come off as boring and banal.

–Tim Buck

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